Mar 21 2008

MSc project

Published by Martijn

Intelligent Autonomous Systems group Universiteit van Amsterdam - Faculty of Science


From October 2006 until April 2008 I have been working on my master’s thesis considering building an algorithm to make a Sony AIBO robot dog track and follow a person through a room. I did this research under supervision of Dr. Arnoud Visser and Prof. Frans Groen of the University of Amsterdam.

On April 29, 2008, my graduation ceremony took place. In the end, the examination committee decided to reward my thesis with the grade 9 (out of 10)! I really must say this is well above expectations!

Demo videos showing the system in action

A couple of videos showing different stages of development of the system. Hover your mouse over each thumbnail to see a brief description of each movie.

Demonstrational videos

Videos showing the performance of the final system

(20MB) Autonomous AIBO successfully following an AIBO guide through a maze (6.4MB) External view of AIBO following person (including AIBO ‘first person’ view) Footage showing AIBO tracking and following people

Intermediate results

Videos showing multiple outtakes of the experiments done under multiple circumstances

Movie showing tracker performing on a static camera Movie showing AIBO watching a person and moving towards and away from the person as he moves Guiding the AIBO two times around the lab, approaching closely Guiding the AIBO halfway around the lab and back Guiding the AIBO one time around the lab, much re-initialisation due to lighting changes

Experimental videos

Videos showing experiments using different settings, resulting in performance differences

Tracking experiment on moving camera using 75 salient features for KLT Tracking experiment on moving camera using 100 salient features for KLT

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