The past years I have done research as a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam, under supervision of prof. dr. Dariu M. Gavrila. The main topics of my research have been Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The subject of my PhD research was multi-person detection and tracking using multiple cameras. I recently finished my PhD thesis and am currently working as technology development specialist at PS-Tech in Amsterdam. My main role is the research and development of new visual tracking, 3D visualization and 3D interaction technologies, with a strong focus on medical image analysis.

During my PhD, I have worked on various projects. I started out with the NWO CASSANDRA project, on the topic of multi-person, multi-camera detection and tracking. I continued this topic within the EU FP7 ADABTS project. Finally, I worked on person detection using classifier based approaches in mobile robotics for the EU FP7 FROG project.

For my MSc thesis (2008) I worked on person tracking and following on a mobile robot (Sony AIBO robot dog). More information on this project can be found on the MSc page of this site.

Curriculum Vitae