Nov 20 2008

undistort tracking kernels

Published by Martijn at 17:51 under PhD lab book

  • A number of matlab scripts have been written to undistort the kernel position and size data stored in the trackers .mat files. The script reads a kernel, plots the ellipse, creates an image mask which is then undistorted and computes the new kernel parameters from the undistorted kernel mask.
  • The conversion seems to work fine. Some kernels are transformed wrongly however. Mostly because the undistortion removes one of thye people being tracked from the field of view, after which there is no kernel anymore and the undistorted kernel gets only NaN values. This doesn’t need to be a problem, as long as the wrongly converted kernels are not the ones used for person location initialisation.
  • Oneof the scenes with this problem is scene 13-2. Occurence around frame 270, for the second track. This scene also sows another difficulty, where a person is visible during scene initialisation. The backsubmethod clearly has difficulty un-learning the person as foreground after he has moved. Changing the number of gauss kernels used seems to resolve the problem partially, but also introduced some extra noise.

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