Nov 19 2008

undistort images

Published by Martijn at 12:47 under PhD lab book

  • The camera images can be undistorted using vhl functions. OpenCV functions don’t seem to work that well. Creating a lookup table for transformations is useful and could be implemented in vhl, but does not solve theĀ  problem that only the source location connected to a certain destination point can be found, and not the other way around. Only use of making the table would be image undistortion speedup.
  • Some problems occur due to undistortion:the initialisation of the tracking kernels is off, this is hard to solv, because you need to map distorted points to a destinationin an undistorted image, of which the information is not available.
  • Second, the train detector malfunctions because the train mask shouldbe undistorted as well.

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