Oct 31 2008


Published by Martijn at 18:34 under PhD lab book

Tried implementing the voxelcarving method making use of the virtuallib functions. The system compiles just fine, output of the voxelcarving function seems a little bit harder. Important things:

  • What should be the order of the camera images provided? Currently it’s 7-14-19. If this is the wrong order, voxelcarving fails because of incorrect transformations. The correct order which should be used is 14-19-7. This relates to the bog files numbered 0-1-2. To transform between this and the order used previously for loading video streams (19-7-14) use: (i+2)%3 where i is the index of the video stream (i: 14->0,  19->1, 7->2).
  • How to show the voxelspace? Currently going over the ground plane of the space, adding up the number of points in the height that are seen as foreground by 3 cameras. This doesn’t seem to give any good insights.
  • How does the imagedraw3D function work? Seems like it can be used to map voxels to images and plot them. Current input seems to be faulty however..

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