Oct 30 2008

redeploying vhl and boost

Published by Martijn at 18:26 under PhD lab book

While integrating the VirtualHumanLib (vhl) into cassandra, the final problem was the runtime error stating something like the following: “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect“.This error is possibly caused my different versions of visual studio compiling different libraries. In this case, michael’s and mine. Itprobably has something to do with the native CRT library, of which different versions are used by different libraries.This results in a “Side-by-Side, or SxS conflict. It turns out that the cassandra project, when including vhl, adds a second CRT lib to the cassandra manifest, having a different version from the one already in there. This is the most likely cause of the error.

Now trying to recompile boost and vhl to see if this puts the CRT for all libs to the same version and eliminates the problem…

Recompilation of boost solved the problem. All libraries now link to the same version of the CRT dll. Besides recompiling the libraries, another solution probably is to redistribute the CRT dll in the correct version together with the program.

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