Oct 07 2008

em-shift kernels and feature tracking

Published by Martijn at 17:55 under PhD lab book

  • To enable the drawing of em-shift kernels, disable “#define DONT_DRAW_ELLIPSES” (line 143) in emstrack.cpp in the casVideoRoutines project. This shows ellipses for the em-shift kernels.
  • The train detector just searches for klt features inside the train mask and checks the amount of movement of these features as well as the relative number of moving features to determine the chance for a train being at that location.
  • Only KLT features located in the vicinity of em-shift kernels are used. “EMSTrack::computeOpticalFlow” uses the em-shift kernel to decide on its ROI. Unfortunately, the kernels tend to drift away, so wrong features are measured. However, the kernel seems much more stable then expected from pure em-shift. Should look into the method used. Possibly boosted by klt features?
  • The data from the .mat files in the video dir seems to be used only for kernel initialisation purposes, since em-shift is executed normally. The rest of the data is just logging data.

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