Oct 06 2008

Published by Martijn at 17:25 under PhD lab book

  • Found out where cassandra data saved to “default location” end up. The data is added to the ’scenarioxx_audio.txt’ file. All gathered data, kinetic as well as train detectors is appended to the file. Furthermore, some original data (probably from the AVSS paper) can be found in “D:\Devel\Matlab\Data”. The .mat files contain data analysis.
  • An audio file for scenario 16-2 can be found in the march 5 events directory. It seems to contain the same audio analysis as used in the AVSS paper.
  • Difference between booting sensors in online or offline mode is still quite unclear. All runs using ‘online’ mode result the same analysis, as can be expected. Clearing the ’scenarioxx_video.txt’ file and booting in offline kinetic energy mode doesn’t seem to give the expected result of not producing motion feature data…
  • The video data dir contains blob tracking information in .mat files for all scenes. These files seem to be necessary to be able to execute cassandra. The question is, how are they created… They seem to be created off-line using em-shift tracking and manual initialization of people locations. This means the “people detector” is completely hard-coded and off-line.

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