Sep 22 2008

location of stuff

Published by Martijn at 17:39 under PhD lab book

  • Found out which folders to use for cassandra. Most important are the following.
    • d:\devel: Contains latest version of the code
    • d:\projects: Contains sources of useful tools and utilities (eg syncgrab and syncview)
    • d:\data: Contains all video data of the recorded scenes
    • a DVD containing all audio data from RUG
  • Furthermore, cassandra documentation can be found at this location.
  • To find out: where are the originals of the processed audio data? They don’t seem to be on the DVD. There are files stored in D:\data\Amstelstation_21Mar2006_events\audio_sft_14Feb2008 which seem like the processed data, but are these the originals?
  • What’s with the locked zip files in D:\data\Amstelstation_21Mar2006_clips? Do they contain the frames for the compiled clips in the same directory? There doesn’t seem to be a folder which contains the movie frames ordered by scene as used later on. Only raw images in Run_xxxxx dirs can be found. Are there organised dirs? Scenario’s seem to be compiled automatically using the video tools (see documentation). Data from the audio files together with scenario data is used to match audio and video and build scenario dirs with the correct video information.

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