Dec 19 2008

tracking on voxel carving

Published by Martijn at 18:47 under PhD lab book

  • Implemented Kalman tracker on the top-down voxelcarving result. Tracker slightly smoothes vc result and allows to keep location when no blob visible.
  • Parameters of Kalman filter should be tweaked. Thresholds of voxel carving and thresholding should be tweaked as well.
  • Top-down kalman kernel projected on all three camera views using voxel grid in the recGrid.
  • Function added to VoxelCarving to draw ellipses on fixed positions in the voxel grid, projected onto the camera images.
  • Problem exists with window updates when many open detail windows. No screen updates done.Look into window update/redraw functions.
  • Quality of tracker could be improved by taking into account the different histograms the voxel blobs map onto in the amera views, and select the best match for positioning kalman filter. This will be 2d tracking of 3d object.

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