Dec 09 2008

voxelcarving correction and top down projection

Published by Martijn at 14:04 under PhD lab book

  • While Michael used a square grid for the Voxel carving space, it turns out that the actual space is more of a rectangle. Its proportions are more or less 7:12, which is far from square. To prevent distortion, the recGridXY_ parameter definig the grid size is split up into a recGridX_ and a recGridY_ parameter defining the depth and widthof the voxel grid.
  • The rest of the code was adapted to use a non-square voxel grid.
  • Top-down projection of the images finally works! In the end, only a transformation of the computed intersection points of lines from the camera, trough certain pixels towards image plane coordinates was necesarry. So no transformation of the ground plane basis or anything.
  • In the end, it turns out thet the gridProj_ variable already contains a precomputed mapping from ground plane pixels towards image coordinates. Only drawback is that the gridProj_ variable is kept very small (only about 50 pixels wide and 80 pixels deep) in order to make voxelcarving computationally efficient, which leeds to a huge loss of resolution when transforming images using this grid. A way could be deviced to create multiple sizes of the grid at the same time. A small one for the voxelcarving space and a larger one for image projections.

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